5 Driver Benefits of Using ELD or Electronic Logging Device

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With few weeks before the federal law mandating that can estimated 3.1 million truck drivers in the nation should utilize this technology in their trucks and thus it is the good time to list down and explain the benefits of using the ELD.

As discussed earlier, here are some of the driver benefits, explained that they have witnessed after using the ELD or the electronic logging device.

  1.    Arriving home safely

Drowsy driving is one of the main reasons for truck accidents. One of the main reasons to use the ELD mandate is that it helps the drivers to have regular sleeping habits and this technology will help to lower the risk of drowsy driving. It also reduces the number of fender benders, traffic tickets, liability claims, damages and the other costly events in the future.

  1.    Fast and smooth inspections

With the use of the ELD mandate device, drivers can dramatically reduce the amount on actual inspection time. It should also cut down on the stress and frustration levels.

  1.    Skill development

The ELD device helps in increasing the driver’s skills and a good ELD device not only helps in tracking the time behind the wheel but also keeps in mind other driving performance factors. The data that is generated by the ELD device is instrumental in helping the drivers maintain and improve the driving skills. This device not only makes it better performer but also provides a better career.

  1.    Legal protection

If the driver faces an accident or if another motorist files the complaint against your truck, the ELD will help you to cope up with this situation. If your driver has not at fault or he is  not guilty as he has alleged, the high-quality ELD device help to maintain the Hours of Service and has the indisputable proof that will help you to keep his record clean anda secured position.

These are some of the benefits of using the ELD device. If you own a fleet management system, you can control your fleet with the use of a fleet vehicle tracking management system offered by the reputed company.

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