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Caring for senior or old people is very much important. A care giving support makes them to do day-to-day needs as an easy activity. If they do their needs on their own, the will feel independent. So selecting a perfect in-home care companion plays a vital role in this. Mainly senior people need assistants in the following tasks.

  1. Bathing Assistance
  2. Dressing Assistance
  3. Meal Preparation and Eating
  4. Medication Reminders
  5. Light Housekeeping
  6. Laundry/Bedding
  7. Grocery Shopping
  8. Transportation Services
  9. Companionship
  10. Pet Service

Health care or in-home care services must ensure the elder people or the disabled persons to feel more comfort and easy. It must be provided by skilled persons who undergone training for treating elder persons. It must allow more freedom and independence, satisfies the people who are under caring, and must improvise their health in a positive way. Caring service is provided by many of the agencies around the world like in home senior care Sun City AZ.

  1. Bathing Assistance

          Bathing or showering is one of the difficult tasks for older adults. So it is necessary to provide an assist for them. The assist must advice them to bath using the bath tub rather than a shower, because it is safer one. Before bathing they must check the water temperature. While washing their head cover the eye area by using any dry material or it is better to use a bath visor. The area around the bath tub must be dry. Use a rubber mat near to the bath tub.

  1. Dressing Assistance

          The assist must select the clothes which do not have fasteners, because it eliminates the need of zips and buttons. In unavoidable situations choose the cloth with hook and loop fastenings, because it is normally more manageable. It is advised to use an elastic waistband for trousers, pants and skirts. The fabric or material they are wearing must be soft and convenient.

  1. Meal Preparation and Eating

          Due to medical issues it is difficult to prepare meals on their own, so providing an assist while they are cooking makes the work easier. Assist must choose the tools which are used in kitchen to make tasks free from wrist pain and injury. Prepare food which are low in cholesterol and fat, and also it must be easily digestible i.e., provide a healthy diet. Use bowls, straws and cups instead of plates and to make the drinking easier.

  1. Medication Reminders

          It is very difficult for old people in reminding their pills, so they need help in this. This service will help them to remember when to take the tablets so that they mange the dosage. The assist must fill the pill box regularly and must check it properly. If any side effects appear after taking any pill, the assist must note and consult with their corresponding family doctor.

  1. Light Housekeeping

          Living in a clean environment is very much important to avoid diseases and it creates positive attitudes. Care giving persons must do the housekeeping needs such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and stoves, organizing closets and cupboards, mopping floors, keeping clutter to a minimum.

  1. Grocery Shopping

          While going for shopping it is necessary to remember the needs of the person, so it is better to note down all such needs before going for grocery shopping. Elder people generally don’t have that much remembering capability so assists are needed for them. They must take the old people for shopping.

  1. Transportation Services

Elder adults won’t feel comfort when moving from one place to another place by any vehicle if they drive on their own. Because of their illness they feel more discomfort.  Providing an assisted transportation will be very much helpful for them.  There are some communities/care takers providing transportation services especially for old people. They also have the timing schedule to pick up and drop the persons. This service will be very much useful for slow moving persons, disabled persons, and other senior people too.

  1. Companionship

          Companionship care is having a person not only for doing their day-to-day activities and also for spending the time with them more or less like a friendship. It includes reading a book aloud, playing with elder people, Accompanying the old people for a walk, sharing stories and their relationships, accompanying with elder people for movies and dinner. This companionship care will definitely improve the health conditions of seniors both physically and mentally. It allows the people to be in touch with their circumstances.

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