Bringing Your Dental Office Up-to-Date

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Does your office look about the same as it did ten years ago? If so, it may be time to bring your office up-to-date. Having an office that makes use of modern equipment can make work much easier for your employees, plus it can make many tasks easier and faster to do. This, in turn, can save you money. Updating your office’s look is also important, especially if it impacts customer comfort. Here are a few ways you can update your dental office so it looks, and feels, more modern.

Update the Waiting Room

Even though your dental skills and knowledge are what patients are coming to you for, their very first impression is going to come from what they see when they walk in the door. In most cases, that’s your reception and waiting area. If you haven’t updated the décor and furniture for more than a decade, it may be starting to show its age. Older décor may make people assume you use older practices, and aren’t knowledgeable about modern techniques.

Replacing older chairs that are worn is certainly one way of making your patients more comfortable, and of bringing the room up-to-date. You can also paint the room a colour that is nothing like what you had, replace the carpet if it’s stained and worn, and add new artwork. Even if you change nothing but the colour of the walls and the decorations hanging on them, your patients will still make note of the change. This more modern look may make new patients more confident in your abilities, too.

Install New Computer Software

If you’re not using dental software designed to help you manage the different aspects of your practice, your staff is going to be spending a lot of time on tasks that they could have done with a few mouse clicks. This software can help you with everything from budgeting and inventory, to client scheduling and digital recordkeeping. It makes many tasks much easier and will help your office stay more organised. If the computers you’re using aren’t capable of running the newest dental practice management programs, it’s probably time to update them as well.

Have Comfortable Dental Chairs

If a patient is in your dental chair, he or she may already be concerned about being in pain. There’s no reason your patients shouldn’t be at least comfortable in the chair. You may need to update your dental chairs if you haven’t in quite some time. Newer chairs may actually help you work, too. Some new models are designed to recline, raise, and lower, with the touch of a button.

Dental Tools

Most dentists do keep their dental tools and other equipment fairly up-to-date, but you should always check regularly to see if there are new tools you could be using. Some of these new tools may make routine procedures easier, or may weigh less.

With a few updates, your dental practice can be more welcoming to your patients, plus you and your employees may be able to work more efficiently. If you haven’t made any changes to your office in years, it may be time to make a few updates.

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