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VenTek International provides several unique car parking applications that address a number of common issues often present in parking programs. There are various kinds of businesses and locations that need car parking programs, yet not all parking applications will fit every need. VenTek’s solutions are specifically made to be set up for a wide range of customers, and may be further personalized to fit your particular needs.

  • The final type of car parking application available is Pay out by License. With.
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VenTek’s parking applications are extremely economical, especially compared to others on the market. They are created specifically to lessen operating costs, to enable you to increase parking income with minimum work, and without increasing parking costs for customers. Every parking application is totally secure, plus they come with an appealing, sleek appear that will not be an eyesore on your road or great deal, but instead will blend in nicely. pay by space fee machines

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You will find 3 different types of designs offered by VenTek International for his or her car parking programs. The first is Pay out and Show. This is the easiest and simplest configuration to make use of. In this settings, the car parking customer will buy a parking ticket from your parking pay station. They will then display it on their own dash board while they are left within the lot or road parking space. Enforcement should be done through visual assessment and patrols. This is perfect for customers who want to always keep their car parking system as simple to use as is possible.

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The next type of parking system settings is the Pay out by Space, or PBS, settings. While this is more complex to implement, it is simpler and more practical for your parking consumer to use. In this system, every parking room has an assigned number. The car parking customer enters the space amount in to the pay out station, will pay for their car parking, and then keeps the receipt. There is no need for the ticket to become shown on the dashboard from the vehicle. Within this settings, an enforcement document can be produced from the pay out station, and it will let you know which areas have and also have not been purchased. To enforce, simply take a visible lap of the parking lot to ensure the document lines up with the amount of cars parked there. The PBS settings may also be integrated having a smart phone parking pay out program for additional customer convenience.

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The final kind of car parking application readily available is Pay by Permit. Using this settings, you will find no room figures, and passes do not need to be displayed on the vehicle dashboard. With this program, the parking customer’s deal is assigned to their permit plate number, and is also enforced by digital cameras that check out for license dish figures. This technique is often the easiest for customers, however, it is more complicated to set up and make use of since it demands much more technology. automated toll fee machine

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VenTek International’s car parking programs provide a wide variety of choices for car parking payment techniques. No matter what your businesses’ parking requirements, VenTek provides something which can work for anybody, from easy and affordable techniques, to much more high-tech ones for larger businesses.

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  • The next type of car parking system settings is definitely the Pay by Room, or PBS,.
  • automated fee machine.
  • parking ticket machine.
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