CCTV Surveillance System Aids In Preventing Crime and Maintains Public Order

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The sole purpose of CCTV installation is to curb the rate of crime. It is clearly a bad idea to do some illegal activity under CCTV surveillance.  These days, people are used to being watched by CCTV surveillance. With the help of advanced technology, CCTVs can detect license plates on vehicles, monitor traffic flow and can identify people violating traffic rules. CCTVs are mainly installed in:

  • Streets in the city centers
  • Residential neighborhood streets
  • Public transport interchanges
  • Exterior parts of sports arena and subway stations
  • Public parks
  • Outdoor public parking areas

What Exactly Is A CCTV?

CCTV or Closed circuit television is a surveillance technology. It is a system in which cameras are connected in a closed loop. The images recorded are sent to a central monitor. There is an operator, who is controlling the total operation. He/she can zoom, pan, or tilt the camera.

How CCTVs Helps To Prevent Crime?

The main aim of installing Samsung CCTV UAE is to instill a feeling in the offender that he might get caught if he tries to rob  or do any sort of illegal things. The benefit of CCTVs is in the following ways:

  • It helps in reducing fear of crime

According to various studies, presence of advanced camera like Dahua IP Camera in public places makes people feel more secured. In return there will be a positive economic impact as people will be much more security conscious.

  • It is a great help to police investigations

The main role of CCTVs is to record crime scenes. CCTV footage helps police to identify suspects and witness who might not come forward to the police. But there are issues related to camera’s image quality. If police take prompt action on the crime scene and make an arrest instantly then it’s an added advantage for the investigators, who will investigate depending on the recording.

  • Endowment of medical assistance

People might get sick and CCTV can be a great help to identify them. If CCTV operators notice any person who requires medical service, they can provide instantly. Thus, it helps in providing medical facility to the people, who urgently requires medical attention.


  • Helps in Location management

CCTVs can locate people who are lost, monitor traffic flow, public meetings etc. All these require police attention, but with CCTV police interaction can be reduced on the above mentioned situations.

  • Information gathering

CCTV footage is a great source to gather information and helps police immensely. CCTV footages helps in identifying local offenders, who have committed crime or is about to commit. In other words, the intelligence gathered by CCTV footage helps in maintaining order in the public place and prevents offenders in avoiding crime.

  • Covers wider area

Sometimes offenders are aware of the presence of CCTV surveillance, but they are unaware about the area covered by the camera.  Due to this they indulge in criminal activity and get caught.

CCTV system has a positive impact on societal welfare. If you have any doubts or if you want firsthand information about CCTVs, feel free to visit


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