Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Health?

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Even with the fact that the radiation emitted from cell phones  can cause a lot of negative effects on the human body, each of us are enlightened as to how optimal protection can be derived all thanks to the information we have gathered so far from the research that has been conducted over time. It is of utmost importance that we give undivided attention to it because our staying healthy depends solely on it since almost every individual uses cell phones for different purposes.  Safeguarding your life is important. Therefore, visit Aires Technologies to get some of the latest cell phone radiation protection devices and reduce the amount of radiation emitted into your body through your ears by a reasonable percentage.

There has been confusing opinions with regards to how the radiation from cell phones affects the human body and if it does, then how much damage can result? However, no one knows. But the fact remains that all electrical appliances form the basis for electromagnetic radiation because it function with electricity.

Research has shown that, the brain and heart are affected by the radiation from phone when used for too long.

For the purpose of entertainment, communication with friends and family just to mention a few, the use of mobile phone is consistent. Since many has been enlighten to the dangers of the radiation from cell phone while in use, some has cut down the amount of time they spend using it. You can also find out the amount of radiation that the cell phone you are using is emitting through its manual.

Prior to buying a new cell phone try to read the manual that comes with the phone because manufactures has specify the absorption rate thereby enlightening you on the amount of radiation your body is being exposed to.

The use of technology can’t be discouraged based on the side effects of radiation but protective measure should be taken seriously. When you make calls, ensure that you do not spend long hours holding the phone to your brain. Also before you sleep, you could put your cell phone on your bedside table so that your body will not be at the risk of such exposure.

Advancement in technology has also made it possible for you to answer calls with your mobile phone without holding it. This works with the use of a mobile phone answering device. Some may think that, maximum satisfaction won’t be derive cause there might be an obstruction by using this device but experience has shown that the satisfaction from using cell phone answering device is same as using the phone directly. The advantage of using this medium is that it reduces the rate of exposure of the body to the radiation emitted from mobile phone.

 Conclusively, keep in mind that your phone should be kept a bit far from you and that you shouldn’t stay too long on phone whether you are texting or receiving calls.

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