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It seems there has been an explosion in the number of companies popping up around the world in recent years offering SEO, and SEO related sesrvices. (Search Engine Optimizatipon) .Increasinlgy we are seeing more and more companies offering SEO services which often unrealistic and quite simply unlawful claims of getting your website to the number 1 position, or Page 1, on Google, Bing or Yahoo. As we know from experience here at SEO Spammers Expsoed, there have also been a lot of complaints about ‘so-called’ SEO companies, many of which send unsolicited SPAM e-mails using bogus western names and Spammy GMail accounts to unsuspecting companies and individuals. SEO

  • Avoid Cold Callers Like The Plague.
  • Search for SEO in Google.
  • Get a Written Quote, a Contract.

So here’s the dilemma. There are so many SEO companies to choose, yet conversely so many untrustworthy and in many cases non-existent companies out here, trying to get you business because as we all know, there are definite financial gains to be made by appearing in the first few places for major keywords in major destinations.

Few places for major keywords in major

We believe there are 9 areas to carefully consider when choosing reputable SEO:

Search for SEO in Google

Do a search yourself, enter ‘Search Engine Optimization’ + Your City into Google and see what comes back. Check the first half a dozen carefully; do they have a list of well-known, branded companies as clients? If so, contact them and check their legitimacy. Do they have an office, we mean a real office and not virtual ones as is the common practivce with Indian SEO Spammers. Are they a real company, do a company search and check. Call them, speak to a sales executive and have them send you information on exactly what they offer. SEO

Avoid Cold Callers Like The Plague

Avoid Cold Callers Like The Plague

Never use a company who ‘cold-calls’ you, and we mean never! It is also a common practive of Indian SEO spammers to use VOIP service gateways in western countries in an attempt to fool you that they are based in your town, city, state or country. Simply hang up – never buy SEO services from a cold-caller. SEO

Get a Written Quote, a Contract

Ask for a formal written quote. Be very sure what you are signing up for, what are you buying. Don’t ever buy a promise of Top 10 rankings in Google, because it simply isn’t possible for anyone to make this promise. Get everything in writing, including the timeframes over which the contract lasts. Many scam Indian SEO companies try the $200 per month for 6 keyword trick, and of course when they have done nothing more than submit your site to a couple of dodgy link directories that do more harm than good, come back from another $200 for another -months and so on. Of there are never any guarantees with these spammers. Always check the credibility of any SEO company you are considering using, and understand why they beleive they will do a good job for you. By speaking to a few of their clients as references, you will gain comfort in trusting the SEO company but also ask the length of time they have held contracts with the company, as like anything is they are delivering results it is more likely they will continue to use them. Remember that as with anythingin life, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ SEO

Realistic Expectations


Ethical SEO


Who is working for you

Regular reports / updates

Reviewing progress

Automation or manual?

  1. Never use a company who ‘cold-calls’ you, and we mean never! It is also a common practive of.
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