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Hello guys, you know we don’t share product reviews often. But, sometimes when we think a service took our attention. We share :)

If you are a data-man and in habit of collecting the best things or taking backups of important data, chances are you are using multiple cloud storage providers to keep your data safe. But, at the same time you like one of your used services the most because of it’s easiness in use. Then why not you use cloud sync service? Your data will be safe. You do not have to worry about anything because all your data will be synced automatically.

Other than that, there are many other benefits of using cloud sync services like CloudHQ. For example, collaboration made much easier then ever etc.

My Unique Idea and CloudHQ Provided Solution

Special tip for my readers: For people like my who work with multiple remote workers and have to assign different projects to different remote persons, this service is great. You can work in one service CloudHQ will sync your files between all your services, and then your files will be available for your workers through your shared folders.

CloudHQ is the best solution for you if

  1. You are more conscious about your data? and can’t afford losing it?
  2. Using large number of files and want to sync without any problem.
  3. Special feature: Convert file formats from google docs to office documents and office documents to google docs.


What is great about CloudHQ?

  1. You can use even you have no budget.
  2. Free unlimited data sync for free cloud services
  3. Free users can sync data between premium services with limit of 2GB. Users can increase this limit in free by referring more friends to the service.

Other Features:

  • Fast sync between services
  • Convert documents in different format, from Google Docs to office and office to Google Docs format while transferring data
  • Free users are also allowed
  • Reliable and trusted by many users
  • Real time Google Apps backup
  • One way syncing and two way syncing
  • Backup to more than one services

Why CloudHQ is Recommended?

Unlimited Option: I’ve checked and even used some cloud sync services, they have limits even on paid accounts.

Reliable: I am writing review after personally checking the service, my files were synced perfectly, nicely and the speed was great. In few minutes, 20GB was synced between my 2 business drives.

Free Productivity Tools

Free tools to increase productivity. like “Gmail Label and Email Sharing” which makes user able to share labels and emails. Visit the extension here or check all available plugins on CloudHQ site.

here is how “Gmail Label and Email Sharing” works.

Go to CloudHQ and register your account for free and start syncing your data.

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