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Buy Cowhide Rug releases a client gratitude photo competition!

  • Cracked Arrow, OK. Oct 23, 2015 - Home Décor International, the.
  • About Home Décor International, Inc. &
  • and are websites owned and managed by Home Décor International. With more than.
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  • Cow hide rug.
  • One of many Biggest Cowhide carpets and Cowhide Accent retailer celebrates over a decade of Happy Customers!.

One of many Largest Cowhide carpets and Cowhide Accessory merchant commemorates more than ten years of Satisfied Customers!

Cracked Arrow, Alright. Oct 23, 2015 - House Décor Worldwide, the parent company of and is commemorating their customers having a client gratitude system that gives to those who take advantage of the Top Quality, Top quality CowHide Carpets and Cow Hide home furniture .

For over ten years, is the place to go to get cow hide mats or cowhide pet printing rugs for those who want the very best quality and style for his or her décor. “We take pride in the truth that all of our cowhides come from Brazil, Argentina or Colombia. takes every achievable key to provide the very best top quality cowhides in the world.”, claims Creator Earl Ward. “Interior developers, company owners and property owners have measured on us to deliver cowhides with leather that is very flexible and gentle, in contrast to numerous other cow conceals available today which can really be quite stiff. We feel it’s time we compensate these quality looking for customers for devotion to your increased regular as well as their devotion to and we wish to do this having a picture challenge to find out how individuals are experiencing their cowhides and incentive some fortunate Champions for participating” In addition to the competition, is offering a 15Percent Low cost to any or all their present customers!

To your increased regular as well

How can the photo contest work? If you have previously bought a cowhide or animal epidermis carpet or item, we would like to see how you love it in your lifetime! Remember to distribute the picture possibly through the Cowhides Worldwide Facebook or e mail us the photograph to We are going to post your photos on our Facebook or twitter and three (a few) fortunate picture challenge Victors will like a FREE Cowhide table athlete, Goatskin accent piece or Cowhide Cushion! Regardless of what item you have bought or what your flavor or décor style, we want to see a photo of methods you show your Brazilian Cowhides, Designer brand Cowhide location rugs, Leg Epidermis Rugs, animal print out cow hides, cowhide chuck bedroom pillows and superbly created cowhide ottomans…. We only want to see your cowhides! The time frame for your photo items is November fifteenth, 2015. Make sure you make sure you article your photograph to the Fb page or submit through e-mail.

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About Home Décor International, Inc. &

Home D cor International Inc and are websites owned and managed by Home Décor International. With more than 3500 cowhides in stock and over 600 individually photographed options online at any given time, no other website even comes close in offering the quality and variation of Cowhide rugs, cow hide ottomans, cowhide pillows or custom stitched cowhide area rugs. If you choose high quality cowhide décor, cowhide patterns, buffalo hides or animal print area rugs as a part of your interior design, you must come to know Cow hide rug

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