What would be different in Google Pixel 2?

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We have seen that Google has surprised its audience by releasing Google Pixel smartphone, as its first in house built smartphone by Google. This brand will surprise its audience for sure this year too by releasing Google Pixel 2 – successor of Pixel. Let’s see what would be different in this upcoming model of Google and what special features are there in Pixel 2.

First have a look at Design of Google Pixel XL:

The screen with a diagonal of 5.5 “and a resolution of QHD is made on technology AMOLED, it has a density of 534 pixels per inch ppi. By default, the panel behaves typical “of pop amoleda” way: rich colors, shades of bias in the cold (so it seemed brighter). In this mode the fun pastime for the games, but the work with photos delivers certain inconveniences due to unnatural color (in particular, due to the saturation battened down people’s faces appear red). Fortunately, there is an alternative – sRGB color mode, which is activated in the section for developers. With him visually screen turns yellow, but this does not mean that the white balance goes far back into the warm side. Rather, it becomes a natural and such a contrast is striking only the first few seconds after switching from bluish standard mode. Color reproduction in sRGB close to the natural (almost 1-to-1 corresponds to the Galaxy S7 edge in the “main” mode), and with the screen you can not only play but also watch videos, work with photos. In direct comparison with high-quality IPS-matrix display Pixel XL with sRGB will appear off-white, but this is a feature of AMOLED technology with PenTile matrix structure, which is dominated by green subpixels. Brightness adjustment range is wide, oleophobic layer is excellent, viewing angles are high. The Pixel XL uses fresh generation of AMOLED, and thanks to the high resolution image to criticize I cannot for looseness, all at a very high level. And here at the usual Pixel with Full HD screen is not as clear.

If we talk about design of Google Pixel 2, display size could be same as Pixel XL but pixel density would be more which would provide high quality screen. Exact specifications are not cleared. These are the information available through some internal resources.

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