Electric Contacts: Things that You Need to Know about Them

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Electricity plays a very important role in our daily lives. It doesn’t only provide power to many machines for mass production, but it also powers home appliances for our convenience.

Though you may not know it, you often utilize electrical contacts to help electricity connect different home devices together. They come in different forms and sizes. Electrical contacts allow electricity to flow over them and towards to the home device. They can also be found in vehicles and other devices that use electricity. In this article, we are going to list some of the important things that you should know about electrical contacts.

  •    Electrical contacts are often made from Beryllium Copper.

Beryllium Copper is known to be one of the best conductors of electricity. However, this element has a high level of toxicity. Luckily, many electrical contacts manufacturing company found a way to use this element without affecting the health of their employees.

Other companies also other metal materials which are far safer than Beryllium copper. They use silver cadmium oxide, silver nickel, silver tin oxide and silver copper nickel. These materials are cheaper but have the same conductivity with Beryllium Copper.

  •    Electrical contacts corrode over time.

Just like other metals, electrical contacts corrode over time. It is best that you check your wirings and devices from time to time. You can have an electrician to check your electrical connections in your home. Doing so can help you safeguard your home and family from any electricity-related problems like electrocution and fire.

  •    Clean your electrical contacts regularly.

When cleaning your electrical contacts, you don’t have to remove it from its place. However, you need to turn the electrical system before you start cleaning them.  

There are three types of solution that you can use when cleaning the contacts. First, you can use a vinegar solution. You can also use cleaning products that are intentionally made for electrical cleaning. Lastly, you can utilize isopropyl alcohol. These solutions help remove grease and clumps around your contacts.   You can also try using compressed air in cleaning. Compressed air can easily blow away the debris away from the wiring and connectors.

  •    Solid copper wirings and electrical contacts work best together.

When connecting your electrical contacts, make sure that you use solid copper wirings. Solid copper wirings are the best conductors of electricity. Before wiring your electrical contacts, make sure the wiring are compatible with the amperage of the circuit.  Wrong materials can cause low voltage or short circuits with the contacts.

  •    Electrical contracts can hurt you if you’re not careful.

Electrical contacts can hurt you, especially when you’re repairing them, and you forgot to turn off the electricity. Before fixing broken contacts, make sure that your hands are insulated. Turn off the power system before you mend the broken switches or broken circuit.


Electrical contacts are very useful in our daily life. Thus, it is very important that we use the best and the correct electrical contacts for our needs.  These simple metal pieces can cause severe damage to our health as well as a big threat to our safety if we don’t use proper caution. Should you wish to know more about electrical contact manufacturing, you can view more about electrical contacts here.


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