Fantasy Empires: 3 Games that Let You Play When You Want

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When it comes to mobile games, there’s a game for everyone. Whether you like to crush candy or live out fantasy epics, there is a game for you. When it comes to role-playing games or RPGs, they’ve come a long way since their modest tabletop beginnings. After making the gigantic leap to PC and gaming consoles, they’ve now found their way to the mobile world. Since finding a home on mobile phones, RPG’s have quickly risen to be the second most popular type of game, with nearly 700,000 monthly active users, according to a study released by Survey Monkey Intelligence. Here are the top three best mobile role-playing games on the market today.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

The latest Final Fantasy epic makes a smooth leap from the gaming consoles to touchscreen devices in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. Available for both iOS and Android devices, players can build a empire in Final Fantasy 15. The episodic mobile role-playing game captures the core story and charm of the console version. It also reduces the grind that is common to the console game. It uses the same “chibi”-style graphics that capture the same story beats and combat intricacies of the main character’s, Prince Noctis, quest to bring peace to the warring lands. The first episode can be downloaded for free, with the subsequent chapters being available as in-app purchases.

Darkest Dungeon

Strengthen your soul and body as you prepare to do battle against the profane horrors of the Darkest Dungeon, a violently atmospheric rogue-like dungeon crawler game by Red Hook Studio. As the inheritor of a cursed estate, you are tasked with gathering a stable of heroes to raid the depths of your estate to destroy the monsters and terrors that were unleashed by your ancestor. The dungeons and the monsters within are merciless and brutal. Not only do you have to manage the bodies of your heroes, but their mental stability and stress levels as well.

King of Dragon Pass

Available for both Android and iOS, King of Dragon Pass is a brilliant fusion of RPG gaming and empire building. You’re tasked with leading your fledgling clan council, as your people stake their claim on the lands that surround the infamous Dragon Pass. You’re required to manage the population of your clan, farming, and exploratory expeditions while trying to defend your empire from the neighboring tribes. What makes the game stand out is the more than 575 interactive scenes that present you with a variety of religious, moral, and diplomatic dilemmas. With every choice, you make your various character, and clan traits and reputations are affected.

The popularity of mobile gaming continues to rise, in fact, in 2016, according to research conducted by Newzoo, mobile gaming revenues surpassed that of console and PC gaming. The best of all the mobile games allow players to live out fantasy epics, tell intimate, character-driven tales, and transport them into future space operas. From old-school RPG classics to modern RPGs there is a mobile game to suit any taste.

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