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Written by is a peer-to-peer marketplace web hosting independent (indie) fashion designers enabling them to produce a quick and simple to make internet business. More than 400000 style design students scholar globally each year. 80% of them go independent

To become an Indie one needs to deal with all the requirements of creating a viable fashion business: money employees creation making a collection marketing buyers logistics and more but since style style is generally taught as a creative procedure less business most of them are totally un-equipped to cope with the company part. Even for great design talents it takes around 6 months to make profit and also to stay away sales as opposed to the financing.

  • All of us shed..
  • Indies do not ensure it is clients lose.

Indies' business survival rates are very low. Under 15% make it through. Others will change profession or do something else. They vanish. With them vanishes variety originality advancement freshness and personalization.

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Style is about searching excellent standing out and becoming distinctive. Designers create greater selection. Styles coming out of fast fashion homes are much less revolutionary. Style homes stick to worldwide trends set by media top style magazines and big businesses or brands while Indie developers however give people another choice an individual one so individuals don't have to be slaves towards the big brand names.

Nearby flavor can also be lost within the mass assimilation of style whilst Indies can produce a feeling of community locality and personal treatment. Indies improve customer's fulfillment regarding them customer's personal opinions matter and customers can influence get noticed and have a variety of originality

Indies don’t make it customers lose

All of us lose.


On the following 5 years 1.4 thousand - from 2 thousand fashion design graduates will disappear. unless of course provided assistance that will enable these to survive and succeed. The need for their work is there but the course they have to consider in order to provide it can make them climb a slippery slope with very low chances of reaching the very best.

Freshionup is not merely a peer-to-peer market. It's a support system an enabler that allows growing designers begin a business with minimum risks whilst increasing their survival rate tremendously and providing fashion fans a solution to their goals and wants. Uniqueness and freshens.

Freshionup may become the Etsy of indie style and alter style planet as you all know it.

Indies join totally free no entry obstacles set up on their own path. No investment is required or even a little collection is sufficient to use the internet and "feel" the marketplace. Dangers are minimum chances of exposure are high and instant marketplace feedback is guaranteed all without any expenses.

In contrast to eBay amazon . com or Etsy Freshionup is a specific style straight so it attracts only fashion customers style curators stores retail store customers as well as other fashion professionals or fans. Freshionup focuses on independent designers only.

Store customers as well

Fresh new fashion items growth potential is huge. Business model is founded on transaction's fee only so Indies risk absolutely nothing consumers get allocate as well as the endeavor creates substantial value. shopping

Creator and CEO - Gil Admoni Formerly CEO of Delta Israel Chief executive officer of Hed-Artzi group VP Marketing of Yes satellite Television Keeps MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Fresh new style products growth potential is.
  • Indies don’t make it customers lose.
  • Indies sign up for free no entry obstacles set on their path. No.
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