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Generating huge traffic on websites has now become easier than ever as there are so many paid sources that help websites receive traffic efficiently. These sources also involve certain black hat techniques that digital marketing professionals don’t hesitate to try. Since Google tracks every single activity taking place in the search engine; these shortcut techniques can’t be considered as an option for long run.

When it comes to boosting the sales of a business through online marketing, organic traffic is the savior. Organic traffic is referred to the visitors who come to your website through ordinary searches and it doesn’t involve any paid search or resources.However, organic traffic generation is not an easy job and it might take years to get the required amount of organic traffic. Luckily, we have some free and reliable resources that we can take into consideration for generating organic traffic. Some of them are mentioned here.


It wouldn’t be wrong to call Wikipedia as the ocean of information. Launched in 2001, it provides information in 295 languages worldwide. Being one of the oldest unpaid platforms on internet, it is known for delivering accurate information and therefore, readers completely rely on it. All these traits make Wikipedia the perfect option from where you can receive potential visitors for your website.


If you are not on LinkedIn, you are not in the leading business social network. Founded in 2002 in California, LinkedIn is known as the largest professional network in the world. Being an employment-oriented social networking site, it allows businesses to operate via websites. This way, LinkedIn will not only help you get visitors on your website, it will also help you connect with other market players in your industry.


Founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, YouTube is the oldest and most popular platform used to watch videos online. When uploaded on this intriguing platform, any informationgoes viral within the blink of an eye.Above all, creating a channel on YouTube is completely free and easy. These specialties make it worthy to have a profile on this exceptionally amazing free resource for getting organic traffic.


Name a popular business that doesn’t have a profile on Facebook. Hard to guess, right?Facebook is not just a social networking site and everyone who uses internet is familiar with the compelling success story that is related to this widely popular platform. Created by Mark Zuckerberg, this incredible platform allows people to connect with family and friends online. This quality makes Facebook a pool of organic traffic.

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Listed amongst the top 5 most popular social media networking sites, Twitter was founded after Facebook by Evan Williams and his team in 2006. Millions of people share their thoughts every day. Besides, you can also connect with people through messaging. If you wish to drive organic traffic on your website without investing in paid sources, then keeping Twitter in your check list can be a great idea for your business.


Unlike other resources for organic traffic, Quora is a completely different platform. Commenced in 2009, it is a question-&-answer site where people randomly ask questions and a community of users provide answers. This young yet efficient platform allows people to find the answers and second opinions of their query hassle-free.

When you have a whole list of free and fantabulous resources for generating organic traffic on your website, there is no need to waste your time and money on paid searches.


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