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In 1999, Alibaba created an application called 9Apps which become popular amongst the masses. This application is designed to run on all popular platforms. Since downloading and installing premium apps from Play Store involves making payments, many people prefer to satisfy with the free versions. This is not the case anymore as 9Apps allows downloading and installing of all premium apps and games for free. Not only the apps and games, but it also allows you to download premium themes, wallpapers and many other things which are available in-purchase in play store. This made the application quite popular and today it has millions of users across the globe.

Why is Downloading 9Apps Beneficial?

There are good reasons that make 9Apps download a good choice. The application is designed to be installed on Android devices and it is well accepted by almost all the Android users across the world. The application has very minimal requirements and it is compact in size. You can enjoy both online and offline installation of games and apps. Below are some other good reasons why downloading 9Apps is beneficial.

Compact Size – As mentioned, 9Apps is very compact and small in size, and it easily fits into your device. You may download the application without worrying about memory consumption on your device.

Offline Installation – 9Apps supports offline installation so you are not required to keep your device connected always to install the application from it. You can enjoy both offline and online installation of apps and games on 9Apps.

Unlimited Downloading – There is no restriction in downloading of the apps as users can download an unlimited number of apps and games on 9Apps. You can even download the 3rd party applications and games on 9Apps without any restriction.

Support all Android Versions – 9Apps is the powerful app store which can be installed on all Android devices. It is compatible with all Android versions and you can easily download and install it on your device without restrictions.   

What is the Best Way to Download 9Apps?

The best way to download 9Apps is from its official website. 9Apps is the 3rd party application and it is not available legally on Play Store. So, interested users are required to install it from the official website of the application. Below is the step by step guide on downloading and installation of 9Apps on Android.

Firstly you are required to enable the option of “Unknown Sources” by visiting the settings in the menu of your device. Now tab on it to enable the option

Open the mobile browser and go to the official website of 9Apps to download the latest version of it.

The downloaded APK file must be stored in the SD card of your device and from file manager, you need to extract the APK files and click on the “Install” button and the installation would start automatically.

After successful installation of 9Apps downloadon your device, you can launch it and start the process of downloading the premium apps and games on your device.  

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