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The Ripoff Report has become quite problematic for many businesses that operate online as its power over the years has driven away customers when a negative post appears on the site. The negative impact that the Ripoff Report offers is considerable and depending on the size of the online business the effects may very well be devastating. This is particularly true for startups that need to establish a positive reputation early in their life, only to see it devastated because of a negative review or post on the Ripoff Report. restore CEO reputation

What is the Ripoff Report?

Is the Ripoff Report

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Founded in 1998 by Ed Magedson, the Ripoff Report has grown exponentially over the years and has become one of the most prominent sites for consumers to complain about businesses on the internet. The Ripoff Report allows any individual to complain about any firm, business or other individual while enjoying complete anonymity. In addition, the official policy of the Ripoff Report is to not remove any post for any reason, even if requested to do so by the original author.

Ripoff Reports has built their reputation by using statistics and bold statements of their effectiveness in terms of listing reviews, posts and articles. Plus, the website is considered to be in the top 2,500 in the world with over 1 million visitors per month. Compare that to the Better Business Bureau which has around 400,000. protect your online reputation

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In addition, Ripoff Reports claims immunity from lawsuits thanks to the federal law called the Communication Decency Act. Basically, this means that any content posted in their website by a third party does not reflect on the position of the website owner. This is a common sense law that makes chat rooms and other, similar types of websites possible.

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How Ripoff Report Works


All that is needed to file a complaint to Ripoff Report is some basic information such as an email, name or physical address that is used for verification. Once the report is filed, the author is now available to be contacted by a lawyer, advocacy group or even a government agency depending on the nature of their complaint. It is also possible that advocates for consumers and even the media will be there for support, however many authors will choose to remain anonymous.

Even the people behind Ripoff Report admit that the information on their website can be very damaging to businesses, organizations and individuals whether it is true or not. However, the most disturbing aspect is that there is no verification process to determine whether the information posted on the site is true or not. This means that Ripoff Report is not in a position to care one way or the other if the information posted on their site is accurate. restore CEO reputation

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Google and the Ripoff Report

Google and the Ripoff Report

It does appear given Google’s analytics used for their search engine results that Ripoff Reports does hold a position of authority which means that posts are given a higher level of importance than if they were posted on standard blog sites. It is fairly common for a post to be made on Ripoff Report that will settle to the top search rankings on Google within a week or two.

Fairly common

Recent studies have shown that 8 out of every 10 consumers who see negative information about a particular product, individual or company will not make a purchase based on that information. In fact, 4 out of 5 consumers will actually reverse their purchase decisions based on seeing negative information. So, for startup businesses in particular, having a negative post or report about their company or product whether true or false can be devastating. Plus, the longer the negative information sits at the top of Google’s search engine rankings, the worse the effect will be.

This is because a whopping 85% of consumers will go online to find out information about a company, organization, individual or product first before making the decision to buy. So, it is little wonder that the Ripoff Report holds such sway over many potential customers given its elevated status on Google’s search engine rankings. It is possible that one negative post on the Ripoff Report could cost a business up to 80% of new sales and in attracting new clients.

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What is worse is that even if a court finds the information to be false and defamatory, Ripoff Report will not remove the original post. So, even when it is shown to be false, the information stays in place and is often the first thing that potential customers see when checking out a product or a company. About the only recourse on Ripoff Report is to file a rebuttal which will appear next to the offending post. However, a rebuttal may actually make the situation worse by keeping the original report high on the search engine rankings for an even longer period of time.

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Can Anything Be Done about Negative Posts on the Ripoff Report?

Because the information that is present is never removed, then the actions that a person or business can take are rather limited. For example, while a court ruling that the information posted was false and malicious has no effect on removing the post from the Ripoff Report, the post can be removed from the Google index and those of other search engines which would then make it far more difficult to find. online reputation management

However, getting a court ruling does take time and it will cost several hundred dollars in fees. Plus, there is no guarantee that the court will see the information in the same light as the individual or business owner which means that all that time and money might be wasted.

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There are online reputation companies that offer some help in terms of lowering the rankings of the negative information, but overall that approach is also quite limited. In the end, it will come down to just how much damage is being created by the negative post and what is it worth to the online business owner or the individual to have it removed.

In the end it will come down

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