How to Block Pokémon Go Game on Kids’ Mobiles

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If you’re wondering which recent mobile app has brought something new to the table, your answer is Pokémon Go. The game has taken over millions of Android and iOS devices around the world in a matter of weeks, and shows no signs of slowing down.

A Concept Well-Executed

The game is doing so well because it brings a new concept to the mobile world. Most games people play involve sitting on a couch and playing with your headphones on. Pokemon Go makes you go out into the real world instead to find and capture virtual monsters that you can use to fight in virtual gyms with real players.

Kids Are No Exception

While Pokemon, as a franchise, established itself decades ago and holds a lot of meaning for many adults today, the idea of the game has made it extremely popular among children too. Young kids and teenagers are seen walking the streets and roads in search of Pokemon all day. They can be noticed with their faces buried in their phones, walking into poles, running into people, and stumbling on a busy road.

Wait. That doesn’t sound safe does it? You’re right; it isn’t.

Excessive Indulgence is Never Healthy

Pokemon Go may be a great game, but it very well might put your child at risk of injury. Children have been reported walking into traffic or even robbed. Child predators are everywhere, and this game has brought them out into the real world too. Many of these sick minded people are using the game to lure out young children to secluded spots and then robbing them, or worse.

In other instances, children have lost their way walking around with their eyes only glued to their phone displays. These kind of threats are increasing day by day and it’s time that you, as a parent, take hold of the situation.

Use a Mobile Tracker to Block Pokemon Go

The best way to keep your child safe is to use a spy app on their phone and block access to the game altogether. If this sounds too extreme to you, then you can set up certain hours during which your child won’t be able to use his or her device to capture Pokemon. If you don’t want to restrict your children from having fun and just want to know they are safe, such spy apps will also give you real-time access to their location.

There is no doubt that Pokemon Go has revolutionized mobile gaming, for better or for worse. The thing that you need to worry about is whether your child who is too indulged in the game is safe or not. If you have decided to use a spy app to ensure their safety, then check out the best spy apps to block Pokemon Go and give them a try.

Conclusion: Pokemon Go is no doubt a great addition to mobile gaming, but is your child being safe while playing it? Keep an eye on your child at all times or block the game using a spy app now!

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