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Many entrepreneurs or managers in the spa niche want to streamline their work with a specialized solution, but do not know what type of POS system they would really need or based on what criteria to choose. Evosus Inc presents today some essential aspects to consider when purchasing a POS system to make sure you’ve made the best choice for your business.

Which type of business does the POS system match?

Not all IT solutions are the same, as one system alone might not check everything you may want. That’s why it’s important to look carefully at what kind of solution you need, what options you have, and what the advantages and disadvantages each of them presents before purchasing.

Of course, there are a variety of software applications tailored to the particularities and needs of each business or niche, whether we are talking about a solution for a store, a restaurant, a beauty center, a spa, a fitness room, a swimming pool, etc.

For example, if you have a restaurant, a suitable POS system would be myCheck Table Service, and for a home delivery unit you would need express soft myCheck Delivery.

In this sense, investigate which solutions are used by other similar companies. Be careful not to compare apples with pears: a canteen or a 5 * restaurant both need a POS system, but their activity and needs vary greatly. By default, the functions of the POS system will be tailored accordingly. Check out how POS systems work and see which is the right fit.

How easy is it to learn and use the POS system?

Here you will notice many differences between the solutions available on the market. Unfortunately, just after you’ve already bought them. No matter which solution you choose, make sure that the provider offers you not only the product itself, but also the installation services, staff training and technical support to fully benefit from the advantages of POS technology in your business. Otherwise, you will only have extra headaches. For more details, check this out.

You can get both the right solution for your business, tailored to your specific needs and all necessary services. Trainers and specialists usually move into your units, install the POS system and teach employees how to use it step by step. Also, whenever you have questions or encounter difficulties in using the application, you can use the customer support at the technical support department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What solutions does the POS system offer and to what extent can they be personalized for the specific needs of a spa business?

A suitable POS system should offer you the following features, as well as the freedom to adapt them to the specifics of your business:

  • the functions necessary for a fast and efficient sale process, error free at the cash register;
  • management functions, for a correct and up-to-date inventory, so you can keep a clear stock of your products at all times;
  • loyalty functions such as the ability to register customers, creating a database that includes email address, phone number, order history, accumulated bonus points, and other useful information you can use in marketing campaigns;
  • up-selling features that boost the revenue growth and motivate the staff (especially if you give rewards to the most dynamic sellers);
  • access from multiple operating accounts with different authorization levels: seller, supervisor, manager, etc.;
  • Issue tax invoice & invoicing;
  • complex reports on the spa activity: what products or services are the most wanted, in what time range and on what day of the week the highest sales are recorded.

If you need a tool for optimizing your sales process, staffing, customer loyalty, revenue growth, and management support in keeping your business under control and making the best decisions you have to keep in mind all of the above. You can find here and here more info on how to find the best system for you.

Can the POS system integrate with other solutions needed for my business?

Whether you already use a particular accounting software, CRM solution or other Business Intelligence application, opt for a POS system that can integrate with them. Otherwise, previous investments would be useless and, of course, the new POS system, instead of solving the existing problems, would only create others.

How can the POS system help me achieve marketing and management goals?

Up-selling functions will help you increase sales and motivate your team. The loyalty programs attract new customers and keep them close, the reports will provide a good overview of your business and allow you to make informed decisions, etc.

When you decide on the POS system, the first step is to communicate with industry specialists, the only ones who can provide you with expert advice on functionalities, guide you to the right solution for your business, and then adapt it to your needs.

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