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Are you concerned about misuse of company vehicles in your fleet? Do you currently not have any way of knowing whether your employees are operating anywhere close to 100% productivity while out in the field?

Most of us want to believe people when they tell us that they are doing what they are supposed to. However, if we fall into this trap it can lead to unreasonable expectations. The unreasonable expectations are that, oddly enough, everyone is doing what they are supposed to.

This is delusional thinking. Reality tells a different tale, a tale of employees taking extended breaks and lunches, napping in grocery store parking lots, the examples are too lengthy to list.

So once you have a firm grip on reality, that is that not everyone on your staff is following the rules, then you can begin to take action to isolate the insubordinate and steer them either in the right direction or out the door.

Let’s take a look at some fleet management basics for a refresher. Some issues that are commonplace for those who oversee fleets is ignorance of vehicle maintenance schedules, traffic violations that can affect the leasing agreement if not paid, and smoking in vehicles.

These challenges are commonplace and easily eradicated with strong leadership and regular follow-ups with the employee who is assigned a vehicle.

Granted that these issues date as far back as there has been vehicle fleets, the ease at which management can follow up in this digital age versus the paper trail days offers little room for excuses.

In the generation that we now live and work, technology has changed everything we do. Fleet managers are no exception, and gone are the days of taking an employee’s word for their days work with no real proof.

With the use of a GPS vehicle tracking app fleet managers now can know the whereabouts of each vehicle at any given point. Not only this, employees and managers alike can utilize these apps to find the best route, and we know how important that is when on the road and deadlines loom.

gps-2The features and benefits that come with the utilization of a GPS system include yet are not limited to; improved customer service, reduced worker down time, less route overlap, knowing when a driver arrives and departs, and knowledge of their driving habits.

When shopping for a GPS system to utilize with your fleet it will only benefit you and your company if you look for a GSA approved tracking company. It may be that you are not familiar with what GSA means, so let’s take a look as knowledge is power.

If the GPS company you are looking to do business with is GSA approved, then their products and services are approved for use by the U.S. Military, park services, law enforcement, basically all civilian public agencies and departments (please note – you will want to verify the GSA contract the company holds to ensure this is correct).

Manage your fleet, don’t leave the window of opportunity open for the employees who will misuse your company time.

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