Nursing Scheduling Software Program: What to Expect

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Scheduling shifts for nurses can be a bit challenging hence the need for a scheduling software program. Healthcare facilities need a more flexible and affordable nursing scheduling software designed to help make scheduling and communication between nursing students easier and less stressful. One of the features of nursing scheduling software is its user friendliness. It comes with all you need to schedule your nurse staff in a fast and more efficient manner. With this, your healthcare organization will be running smoothly, without any hitches. Rotation Manager offers nursing scheduling software that uses a web native user friendly platform. This software is designed to further reduce the stress associated with shift scheduling in healthcare industry. It also offers nurses the opportunity to actively participate in the scheduling procedure.     

The benefits of using nursing scheduling program can never be overemphasized. It helps reduces work time, as it displays the specific working hours for everyone.

The reasons why most healthcare facility opt for the use of nursing scheduling software is to create shift schedule  in a fast, easy and more importantly accurate manner. Your department and healthcare facility not only functions more efficiently, but also spends less with the use of nursing scheduling software. This software comes with many different benefits including

Reduces scheduling

This software helps you reduce the burden associated with scheduling by up to 75%. You no longer have to spend countless number of hours scheduling. With nursing scheduling software, you can automatically rotate and copy schedules in a timely manner.

Calculate coverage instantly

Scheduling gaps can be easily filled up within seconds and more efficiently.  However, you need to make sure you have the right number of nurse staff scheduled at the right place and time with respect to acuity. You will be able to know if you are running low on nursing students and need reinforcement

Enhances communication

One of your nurses can’t make it to work because he/she got involved in an accident, sick or on vacation. With nursing scheduling software, you need not worry about filling that gap. This software can help you make a last minute schedule change. You can easily keep your staff abreast of the situation via text or email messages.

Manage Time Off & Schedule Requests

There are times when your nurses might request time off or change of schedules. This software offers you the chance to see if such request might conflict with already existing scheduled shifts. If otherwise, then you can possibly grant such request


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