The Most Powerful Advertising Method of Bringing Traffic to Your Website

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If you are selling anything online from your website, the most important part of success is getting people to go to your website. This is the equivalent of having a local store and wanting foot traffic. The only way this happens is through advertising. Locally, of course, it is possible that people could be walking past your store, but there is really no equivalent to that on the internet. For an online business, you must advertise, and the most powerful method of advertising on the internet is pay-per-click.

What is pay-per-click?

This type of advertising exists on several platforms, including the two most popular search engines and the number one social media site. Basically, you create an ad given the parameters they set for you. There are text ads and display ads. The latter being the most expensive. You then decide on keywords that you want your ad displayed to the internet user.

Your ad is linked to your website, so when someone clicks on your ad, they will visit your website directly. You are charged a certain amount of money with each click on your ad. Obviously, this is where the name pay-per-click comes from.

Choosing keywords

Of course, it gets more complicated that this because you have to decide on which keywords to use with your ad. Remember, you get charged for each click. This may seem great because you don’t pay for advertising unless someone is reading the ad, but this can also work against you. If you choose the wrong keywords, you may end up with people clicking on your ad that are not interested in what you are selling. This means you will get lots of clicks and no sales. Your advertising dollar will be eaten up quickly. Choosing the right keywords can be a challenge.

There are software tools you can use to help you select the best words, but you still need time to learn the best words to use for your website. There are also professional pay per click services that you can use.

You must bid on keywords

Since more than one person is likely to want the same keywords as you, there is a bidding process to determine who gets to have their ad displayed when a keyword is used by the internet user. The higher the bid is, the more often your ad will be displayed.

This, like choosing the keyword, can become expensive, too. People may come to your site, and they may be the people you want to visit your website, but now you must convert these visits into sales. Only a certain number of people will spend money, so you must look at how much money you are generating per click.

If you bid too much money for your keywords, it is possible to increase sales, but actually show a loss because you are spending too much money on advertising. This is not that much different than any offline business, but sometimes people lose sight of it with pay-per-click.

Of course, there are other factors to successful pay-per-click advertising. Your website must be attractive and easy to use for shoppers. Even if they don’t buy something that moment, you want them to at least bookmark your site, everything begins with a good pay-per-click ad with good keywords.

Yes, there are low cost methods of bringing traffic to your site. There are even a few things you can do for free, but their effectiveness, compared to pay-per-click, is practically zero.

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