Singapore Government Agencies Turning to 3D Indoor Mapping

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Indoor mapping of interior spaces is being utilized in order to improve security for the public. Currently, the Singapore government is embracing this useful form of technology in order to better prepare for emergency situations. The type of mapping is three-dimensional and it displays details of inside spaces.

Mapping of this sort allows people to visualize more effectively. It’s a helpful tool, as every single detail is mapped out and nothing is left to chance. Technology has the power to positively impact safety and this new application for 3D mapping technology is definitely something that Singapore government officials believe in.

The maps are created via lasers and they help with the simulation of crowd activity and with formulating crowd management strategies. For example, evacuation plans may be created in order to help citizens in the event of fires and terror attacks.

The Singapore government Agency for Science, Technology and Research utilized computer imaging in order to analyze the activity of crowds at a large exhibition. This exhibition was held at Suntec’s Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in early 2016.

Maps of this type may also be used for different applications, such as dealing with scenarios for urban warfare. Really, there are endless possibilities in terms of how the new mapping system may be used.

Which Spaces Will Be Mapped?

At present, the program director for the National Research Foundation is deciding which interiors should be mapped with 3D technology. The current goal is to prioritize properly, so that optimal benefits from mapping may be delivered to the public. This program head is named George Loh and he is working with other Singapore agencies in order to come up with a practical mapping schedule which ensures that the most important places are mapped first.

Some spaces which are being considered include schools, community centers and MRT stations. In early summer of 2016, the Singapore Land Authority began to create detailed, three-dimensional maps of the MRT station at the city’s Marina South Pier.

Preventing terror attacks or ensuring more timely and appropriate response to terrorist attacks is one facet of this new initiative. Resilience is the goal in a host of emergency situations, including terrorist attacks, and the new technology definitely supports the development of effective and fast response strategies.

Singapore Cares for Its Citizens

Singapore has a progressive government which is known for its concern for its citizens. This manifests in many areas, such as its programs which support public safety, entrepreneurship and health. As well, Singapore is known for the ease of doing business that it provides to citizens and foreign investors and concerns.

Since Singapore does have so much to offer, it’s become a hub for fintech and many other types of industry. It’s also expected that Singapore will become a place that offshore investors want to put their money once the Brexit situation goes into effect. The country has a lot of potential and its government leaders are doing all that they can in order to make the island city-state a safer place, today and in the future.

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