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Written by is a social networking site that is fast gaining popularity because of the additional features it offers over other conventional social networking sites. It allows you to make new friends across an international platform as well as locally and interact with them on messenger and through posts. You can connect and share content with your friends and also find friends through a search option.

Friendvibes gives you a list of recommended friends based on common interests and you can send them friend requests to expand your circle of acquaintances. There is a button that allows you to view the most rated users. You can also browse users anonymously through the “browse user” button. After registering yourself as a member on, you can create events and invite your circle of friends. There are useful panel buttons that let you filter the events that you intend to go to, current events, event invites and those that you want to give a pass to. Events are further divided into various categories like sports, parties, etc.

The music section gives you the freedom to upload your favourite songs and those that you may have composed yourself. Again, there are various genres according to which you can classify your music uploads like Blues, Classic Rock,metal, Pop, Trance and many more.

Friendvibes the social site to make new Friends..pngThe Marketplace section is very interesting. It is a social marketing site as well and allows you to search for locally listed markets as well as overseas markets for the type of commodity you are looking for. It allows you to sell an item, from something as huge as a real estate to a mere antique painting. You have to fill in the details about your wares and those on Friendvibes who are interested will contact you for the transaction. You have the option to decide who gets to see what you’re selling.

The Pages section enables you to create a page on things that you’re interested in and if you see a good number of followers then it can inspire you to explore further in the fields of your interest.

There is a Group option where you and your friends on Friendvibes can form a closed group and discuss topics relevant to you. For example, you could form a group on literature and discuss literary ideas with likeminded individuals.

The Videos section can be used to upload videos and share them as well. If you’re interested in watching a certain video, then there is a search box that allows you to look for it if it is available.

The Radio section is one of the best features of Friendvibes. You can tune in to any desired channel and stream your favourite music tracks. Choosing a song is made easier by the introduction of different genres from which you can take your pick.

The Business Diary page allows you to look for businesses according to their field of expertise. If you are a businessman, you can also promote your business on         Friendvibes. You can also create Ads and use them to draw customers.

Games are also a feature of Friendvibes with games to satisfy every type of gamer. Overall, Friendvibes gives you greater freedom and the opportunity to open up to the world through social networking and social marketing.

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