Tiny Elements That Can Make A Huge UX Difference

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We all know that what catches the eye of the audience is usually the customer support and user experience first, together with the design of the product. There is always a way you can improve the user experience on your website or with the service you offer, and for more information and help on this subject, you should visit https://www.polishedpixels.com.au/website-service/ux-usability-service-sydney/user-testing.

This is why, you should already know that small differences can make user experience, also known as UX, much better and enjoyable. Some of these things can be quite objective and widespread, so it might have been a bit difficult for you to notice them, which is why this article is here to help you with that. Below, you have a list of some of the things that could help you create a better UX.

  1. CapsLock

Sometimes when we write, we do not really look at the screen, since not all of us are able to write blindly. It can be quite annoying when you wrote your message or comment, and everything is in caps, which is why creating something that will convert the message from caps to the low case would be a good thing.

  1. Hovering

When there are a lot of different products on the site that are sorted in galleries, it would be very helpful if we can see some of the examples simply by hovering over with a mouse. This will make online shopping much more enjoyable and fun. On another note, do not make the viewing of the items too complicated, especially if the buyer wants to go back to the previous page.

  1. Attaching files

When it comes to sending emails on other sites, it happens quite often where we forget to attach the needed files but we still write ‘I’ve attached…”. In this case, it would be a good thing to get a message to tell us that nothing is attached. If you want to learn more about how to make UX better, you can visit https://www.polishedpixels.com.au.

  1. Hotels

There are many people who book their stay online, and sometimes when we are viewing a place that we want to book, after finally deciding to take it, it can already be reserved, and that can be pretty annoying. It would be very helpful f we get a message that the place is already being booked while we are viewing that hotel room.

  1. Online shopping

Just like we have carts in real life when we go shopping, having carts online is a big plus. Sometimes, there are numerous items that we would want to buy, and in this case, it would be nice if we could save them somewhere. Giving an option to place it in a cart that also assures you that you can continue shopping is quite nice!

  1. Mobile apps

Not all of us are able to sit at our PC or Laptop 24/7, which is why creating a great mobile app for your website is what you need to do. That has already become the future for all the stores, as people tend to shop from their home more than ever.

Final word

Keep in mind that all of this is not something you should have magically known already, so if you need any professional advice or anything like that make sure to ask for it. There are many companies that would gladly help and create a good user experience for your website.

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