Use Air Conditioner in an Energy Efficient Way – Your Useful Guide

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During hot and sultry summers, air conditioners is a must. At the same time, its usage can contribute a large amount to your monthly electric bill. If you use reverse air conditioning during winter, it will also affect your bills.

You must always select proper size unit for your home. You must consider the area of the room before making your final decision along with energy saving chart. Size of the air conditioner is directly proportional to the size of the room. Now, when you have already purchased it you can check the below tips to reduce your pocket pinch.

Use timer for your air conditioner

Usually, it takes 4-5 hours to make your room cool during hot summers. However, it also may take longer in humid regions. Once the room has been thoroughly cooled, the coolness can last for another 3-4 hours. Now, it also depends how many times you will be opening and closing the doors. If you are using it during activity hours, it may last less.

However, if you are using it during your sleeping hours, you may set the timer. After 3-4 hours of rapid cooling, it will automatically, turn off the cooling system and turn on the fan. This will blow air and keep your room cool until you wake up in the morning.

Use your fans

There are some air conditioners which comes with inbuilt sensor fans. In most of the LG conditioners there is an inbuilt electric fan that automatically starts when the temperature reaches maximum. Some models also have sensors to detect human temperature in the room. This means, if you are feeling cold it uses its bio-sense and stops the cooling and starts the fan system.

Check your system often

Always have a set time for maintenance. The life and energy saving of any system depends on how you maintain it. Check the filters of the unit frequently. Clogged filters will use more energy to cool down your room. You can clear the filters yourself.

You need to understand how to open the unit to have access to the filter. Use the manual for help. Clean them with soft bristled brush and plain soft water. Let it dry and then insert it into the system. You can feel the difference in cooling in couple of minutes.

Dry mode for humidity

There are days when the humidity is more than the temperature. In this type of climate, you can use dry mode for efficient cooling. In this type of mode, the air conditioner makes the air dry by pulling out the moisture. Here the compressor runs at low speed and at the same time your room becomes cool without much energy expenditure.


With increasing energy costs finding smart ways to use Air conditioner can help you save your hard-earned money. You need to think about saving electricity bill even before you purchase the unit. Proper size and type of unit will ensure energy saving and cost cutting.

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