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We all love to get ourview of our favourite videos whenever we want to. Listen to the latest trending song, from various online services such as YouTube, sound cloud, Vimeo, tumblr etc. With the help of Vid mate you can do all this and more. This choice of Vidmate to choose the kind of quality allows you to save on space in your virtual library.

Benefits of using Vid mate

The video links can be listed, which is procured through various websites with the help of Vid mate. The user gets an array of choices in choosing the kind of downloading option he/she wants. The best part of Vid mate is that there will be no issues of security for your device.

Just choose a video over a wide range of platforms either audio or video and store it away for your personal viewing on the go. The reason Vid mate is popular is that you would no longer need to go to your search engine to just watch or listen to your favourite video or audio. The interesting thing about Vid mate is that we can download secondary portal videos too.

We could have direct access to apps and games in androids by downloading within an app by using Vidmate. This amazing feature sets it apart and gives it an edge over the others.

Irresistible features of Vid mate

You will be enjoying a very good quality of video viewing.

Vid mate allows you download your favourite serials without hassles from tv.

The best part is it allows parallel downloads which are also fast too.

The various formats are applicable such as mpeg, mov, wmv etc.

Larger files can be downloaded using Vid mate.

Why use Vid mate

As smart phones are in vogue and using Vid mate will allow for downloading multiple files in a quick succession. Vid mate does the storage capacity check for you and download as per the space available. The videos that can be stored away in your phone are displayed to the user and you could take the decision on the ones you want to save.

Since a browser is not necessary to run your downloaded stuff like games, videos, songs, serials etc. This saves buffering time and causes for immediate viewing.

A single search query will suffice while searching on multiple sites with the help of Vid mate. The interesting part of that you will not lead a host of software tools to download all your videos.

Vid mate throws open a choice to user to choose the number of links that he/she wants to download from, thereby allowing the user to choose the formatting and quality of video of his/her choice.

Vid mate has a wide coverage of more than 200 tv shows, so the viewer is spoilt for choice. It’s easier to download and install.

The user has a very good mate in Vid mate, making it easier for the user to have his choice of videos, songs etc at their fingertips. There is no need to wait, search and waste time when you have your own playlist of your choice and the quality you want view and a huge collection to store and choose from.


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