Virtual Assistants are Making Leaders More Productive

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For the Los Angeles online reputation management company, they have noticed that the best way to become more productive, is to hire a virtual assistant and that is exactly what the company did from the get go. The CEO and co-founder knew that he wouldn’t be able to always be present since there is so much going on when you are just starting out your business therefore had decided to immediately hire a virtual assistant before things became too hectic to handle.

The increase of workflow dude to technology these days is the reason why there is an increased necessity for virtual assistants. Businesses started outsourcing virtual assistants since nowadays a lot of secretaries just cant keep up anymore. Most traditional virtual assistants are real people who have the necessary skills to help out a business or the CEO specifically. Virtual assistants are able to answer calls, setups meetings and conferences, schedule tasks and sometime help out customers or clients with their questions. Some companies even use their virtual assistants for marketing especially for social media promoters and executive assistants or even human resources and human relations assistants.

Technology allows us to even have artificial intelligence virtual assistants with smart phones and even sci-fi-like assistants with giant enterprises like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple. These companies all have their version of AI VA. Technology has been advancing so much that it is learning how to interact with humans and behave more human like meaning AI is eventually going to be able to answer complex questions and perform more complex tasks. Apple has Siri, which has the ability to interact with smart appliances, and she knows about sports, weather news and more. Microsoft has Cortana and can help with tasks, schedules meetings and so on. Google Now is helps with travel plans and directions then there is Amazon’s Echo that over 8 million people ordered and can order anything you might need.

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