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When you want to buy web design services, you can name various reasons why you need them. But  deep inside you know the real purpose. It is to make a profit. It does not matter what site you need – it can be a blog, a content site, a corporate website or a landing page. Any of these websites is a tool to attract new customers to your business and as a result to earn money. But there is one site type which is more profitable than others. We are talking about an ecommerce website.

In the article below you will find out everything you’d want to know about ecommerce sites and ecommerce website design services. We will tell you about the key differences between traditional websites and ecommerce ones, explain why it is more successful and raise questions about responsive and custom web design services. This information will be helpful to:

  • web designers and developers wishing to improve their professional skills and acquire additional knowledge;
  • businessmen seeking for affordable web design services and wishing to get more profit from their websites;
  • everybody who is interested in website design and development.

Let’s go!


Nowadays all the major retail giants like Kmart, Macy’s, Sears, American Apparel, Radio Shack, JCPenny and others are being slowly abandoned. They are disappearing from the surface of the country not because they sell bad goods. Their buildings and facilities have not become uncomfortable. Moreover, the items these giants sell are still in demand. So, why is this happening? The cause of this phenomenon is that people prefer ordering goods online or via a special app rather than going to a store. It saves much time and doesn’t make you get dressed, drive a car and walk along the aisles of department stores.

Ecommerce tendency is convenient both for buyers and sellers. So, let’s think of the following example. Imagine you are a very big woman and not able to find a swimming suit of your size. You are walking from one department store to another, looking in shop windows, trying on different swimsuit models and getting mad. If you manage to find a suit of your size it’s most likely to be of only one model and color. Day after day, you do not have opportunity to choose. This has been a recurrent situation and you are sick and tired of it. Fortunately, online solutions offer you something different and pleasant. You can visit an online store, choose several different swimsuit models of your size and order them by clicking a mouse button. These swimming suits will be delivered to your door within 48 hours after the order has been placed. You can try them on and choose the one (or even more) you like. The rest of the clothes will be shipped back to the store for free. This is what Jeff Bezos thought about when he first introduced – an opportunity to choose, try and order goods from your own home. Back then, it was unbelievable. Today it is a usual life.

Don’t think that it can be materialized by big companies only. Ecommerce site is also a good way for any small business to grow and evolve. And this is something which was already possible with the help of website design services. Just imagine a small boutique shop in Philadelphia. It is not famous, nobody knows about it in the region. The only hope is advertising via local media and oral recommendations. But now with a help of a web design agency like Direct Line Development the shop can reach an audience that has not even heard of it before at an affordable price.

As you see, traditional retail stores are quite definitely going to die. A couple of more years and they will be completely replaced by online shops. That’s why it’s so important to move with the times and take advantage of the ecommerce website design services rendered by a top web design company like Direct Line Development.


Let’s compare traditional retail and ecommerce from the buyers’ standpoint. Here is the table where you can find advantages of both trade types:


Retail Trade Advantages Ecommerce Website Advantages
  1. If you like something, you pay for it and take it with you at once. You do not need to wait until it will be delivered.
  2. You do not need to pay for delivering the goods.
  3. If you are purchasing a piece of clothes, you can try it on before paying for it.
  4. Some people enjoy walking along the aisles and shopping.
  1. You save a lot of time as you do not need to walk or drive from one store to another. It takes seconds to jump from one ecommerce site to another.
  2. Ecommerce sites have greater range of choice among products than classical shops, particularly in the case of size, brand, color, etc.
  3. You can make purchases from any country and continent. Online shops do not have borders and deliver the goods all over the world.
  4. The goods on ecommerce sites are usually cheaper than those ones in traditional shops, because the rent, utility bills and salaries should not be paid.
  5. If you are not sure about the quality of the goods or the seller’s honesty you can always read reviews and ask questions.
  6. Product presentation is usually accompanied with more detailed description of the product, including instruction, images and videos.
  7. If the product does not match the description or was damaged during transportation, you can always open a dispute and return the money.

As you see, classical retail loses in many points. Ecommerce is just the best shopping method containing technology, innovation and better understanding of customers’ wishes. Specialists of Direct Line Development believe that traditional stores are the things of the past and ecommerce makes the future.


Let’s consider some differences between ecommerce and standard websites.

Traditional website usually contains several web pages which have an informative purpose only. The content of the commercial site tells about the firm, its structure, products, services, and mission. If it is a landing page, you will find all the information about one product or a type of service (for example, a book or a training course) and all needful contacts. If it is a blog there are lots of text about the blogger and his or her life. These sites can spread your business and bring new customers.

Ecommerce site is a much more complicated system. The word “Ecommerce” is a short form of the collocation “electronic commerce”, the meaning of which is “online shopping” or “selling on the internet”. It is a kind of business which is run on the internet. Ecommerce merge several options into one business platform like online funds transfer, internet marketing, online transaction processing and others. This platform allows businessmen to sell goods, receive orders and get payments online. Thus, business become international and selling is increased. The process is automatic. Even if a client calls you and wants to place an order, you can always redirect him to your online shop.

Let’s take as an example. If you want to purchase a book, you visit the website, search the book, add it to your virtual cart and pay online via PayPal of Credit Card. In some days the book is delivered to your apartment. As you see, the process is simple and convenient.

Another example is our agency Direct Line Development, which provides web design services. If a company wants to order responsive web design services or custom ecommerce web design services, its representative goes to our website, read everything about us and contact our manager. Our site has a secure payment portal for our customers through which our services can be bought. As you’ve probably guessed, this is how almost all our customers decide to complete their transactions with us.


Let us get this straight: ecommerce websites are not suited for everybody. Cardinal rule is the simpler the product, the easier to build a business platform for electronic commerce. Customized, liquid, handmade and fragile products require more care during shipping. Moreover, it is difficult to sell them. This is not as well complied with books, cosmetics, jeans or T-shirts. They are compact, small, not easily broken and do not have problems with shipping. Besides, everybody is interested in them. If you sell something like that, try using an ecommerce platform.

If your product is rather complicated and require customization and regular communication with the customer, you can automate some parts of this process (for example, payment) within your website. It will help you save a great deal of time and nerves. Besides, it will show your clients that you keep up to date, taking into consideration all digital industry development factors.


There are several important factors that need attention when you are going to build an ecommerce website:

  • Your site should have responsive web design in order to allow purchasing from within mobile devices.
  • Think about usability. You should have an idea of how the website will look like in order to simplify purchasing process. It should be easy for the visitors to find description of the goods, prices, reviews and other information, as well as compare similar products or add them to favourites.
  • Be flexible, don’t overdo with a large amount of content. Do not forget, that the aim of the site is to sell goods, not to educate.
  • Development quality must be very high. If a customer is trying to place an order but the site is loading slowly or transaction is being interrupted, it will drive the customer away.
  • Pay attention to SEO. It is very important to make the site be on top of search engine results.
  • Don’t forget about host and domain name. They also play a great role in web design.

If you are not a website builder and all the conditions described above are too difficult for you, you can always ask professional specialists from Direct Line Development to create an ecommerce site for you. We have a vast experience in providing custom ecommerce web design services for small business at a high level.

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