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It is an innovative solution to getting into better form if you wish to

  1. • The shake blend provides total nutrition - quick.
  2. What is in the package ? There are 5 kits in the Body by Vi system:.
  3. • Supports a small glycemic lifestyle.
  4. • Facilitates healthy metabolism.

1. Slim down

2. Firm up or

3. Develop muscle mass

What is within the package ? There are five packages within the body by Vi program:

1. “Balance” Package - Assist the body get good nutritional balance and begin your trip. It is made for somebody searching to take the first step towards a much healthier lifestyle

2. “Shape” Kit - Help accelerate your results to achieve a cut thin form. takes the next step in the direction of your ultimate weight loss objectives

3. "Primary" Package: is definitely the ultimate in every day dietary support.

4. “Transformation” Kit - Loaded with the best in shaping and dietary ingredients to help you see and really feel maximum outcomes.

5. Fit Kit: The ViSalus Fit Kit is great for athletes and people who lead active way of life.

Great for athletes

What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Form shake mix?

• The shake blend provides total nourishment - fast

• Assists control appetite

• Provides bone tissue-healthful calcium

• Provides cardiovascular system healthful low fat proteins

• Assists promote And maintain lean body mass

• Facilitates protein digestive function and nutritional intake

• Helps support healthy energy levels while reducing calories

• Offers dietary fiber advantages for health protection

• Consists of two distinctive fibers for health and for hunger manage

• Facilitates a low glycemic lifestyle

• Facilitates healthful metabolism

• Each protein continues to be specially processed to remove fat remove lactose and take away carbs. Additionally we now have processed the soy to remove the isoflavones so there is no estrogenic impact.

The soy to remove the isoflavones so

• The Fantastic taste - “shake blend that preferences like a cake mix” is difficult to conquer.


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  1. • Helps support healthy energy levels whilst reducing calorie consumption.
  2. • Assists manage appetite.
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